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Our range of transparent enamels are designed for use on tombac (guilding metal), copper, gold and silver. The photographs below show the enamels direct on silver. Clicking on a colour will also show the same enamel direct on copper.

The guilloche pattern is a reproduction of a type of metal engraving that was popular at the turn of the 20th Century.

  • The actual size of the blanks is 30mm
  • The border is 1.3mm
  • The depth of cut is 0.3mm
  • The grade of silver is 950

The copper blanks are a standard grade of copper.

The samples were prepared by wet packing, firing time 2 minutes at a temperature of 800° centigrade. The enamels are supplied in powder form, ground to pass a 60s mesh (250 micron) sieve.

Colour descriptions are based on the fired trials on silver.

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