For decades we have manufactured the highest quality Artist Pigments. Many of the Pigments that we produce are based on ancient formulae dating back to the 19 th century.

We manufacture premium Artist Pigments, supplied in the strictest confidence to various customers worldwide. Below you can see images of a selection of the Pigments in our general range, we also offer a confidential matching service for bespoke products.

Please contact us for additional product details, availability and pricing.

Artists Pigments

Potters Pink

Artists Pigments

Pale Violet


ColourRef No C.I. Pigment No Chemical composition
Dark Violet6285Violet 14Cobalt PhosphateC03(P04)2
Pale Violet6287Violet 14Cobalt PhosphateC03(P04)2
Blue Violet6288Violet 14Cobalt PhosphateC03(P04)2
Lead Tin Yellow Dark6289Type 2Lead StannatePb SnO2 SiO2
Lead Tin Orange6290Type 1Lead StannatePb SnO2
Lead Tin Yellow Light6291Type 1Lead StannatePb SnO2
Lead Tin Yellow Lemon6292Type 1Lead StannatePb SnO2
Smalt ( 200s )6293Blue 73Cobalt Potassium SilicateCo.K.Si.
Smalt ( 400s )6294Blue 73Cobalt Potassium SilicateCo.K.Si.
Egyptian Blue.6295CuSiO2Copper SilicateCu.Ca.Si.
Cobalt Green Deep6296Green 19Cobalt ZincCo.Zn.
Cobalt Green Light6297Green 19Cobalt ZincCo.Zn.
Cobalt Yellow Aureolin6298Yellow 40Potassium Cobaltinitrite2K3(Co(No2)6) 3H20
Victoria Green6299Green 51Calcium Chrome SilicateCa Cr Si
Naples Yellow Light6300Yellow 41Lead StannatePb.Sb2 07
Naples Yellow Dark6301Yellow 41Lead StannatePb.Sb2 07
Potters Pink6302Red 233Chrome Stannate (Sn.Cr)02
Praseodymium Yellow6570Yellow 159Zircon, Praseodymium(Zr,Pr)Si04
Cobalt Blue6594Blue 72.Cobalt Zinc, Alumina(Co,Zn)2Al204
Cadmium Red6626Red 108Cadmium Sulpho SelenideCds,CdSe.
Cadmium Yellow6627Yellow 35Cadmium Zinc SulphideCds,ZnS
Cobalt Blue6628Blue 28Cobalt AluminateCoAl204
China Clay6629White 19KaolinSi.Al.
Chromium Ox Green6630Green 17Chromium OxideCr203
Titanium White6631White 6Titanium OxideTi02


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