We offer a large range of raw materials! Many of these materials are stocked and ready to purchase.

Generally our Raw Materials are supplied to trade customers with a minimum order quantity of 25 KG, however for materials such as Cobalt Oxide and Tin Oxide exceptions can be made. Contact us for information on availability and pricing.

Alumina HydrateRutile Flour
Alumina CalcinedSoda Ash
Ball Clay (Hymod Prima)Spodumene
Ball Clay (Hyplas 71)Stone
Ball Clay (Hymod AT)Talc
Barium CarbonateTitanium Dioxide
Batt Wash (Alumina based)Whiting
Batt Wash (Zircon based)Wollastonite
BentoniteZinc Oxide
Bone AshZirconium Silicate
China ClayChrome Oxide
ColemaniteCobalt Oxide
DolomiteCopper Carbonate Light
Feldspar (Balanced)Copper Oxide
Feldspar (Potash)Iron Oxide (Black)
Feldspar (Soda)Iron Oxide (Red) (Natural)
FlintIron Oxide (Red) (Synthetic)
Lead BisilicateIron Oxide (Yellow)
Lithium CarbonateIron Spangles
Lead SesquisilicateIron Chromate
Magnesium Carbonate (Light)Manganese Carbonate
Magnesium Carbonate (Heavy)Manganese Dioxide
Magnesium SulphateNickel Oxide
Nepheline SyeniteTin Oxide

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